The Inaugural Exhibition at The Homer Project




Fleurette West :: Master Bathroom

Opening, Sunday August 28 from 3-6pm
August 28 – December 30, 2016
On view by appointment

Household/building/domestic materials.
The merging and separation of planes.
Layers of paint and surfaces, applied and then removed, only to be imperceptible.
The unseen pallet of domesticity.
Landscapes coalesce from textural forms.


The Homer Project :: A domestic exhibition project space.

The property at 4529 Homer St. was built in 1910, and its current owners are dedicated to its continued preservation and rehabilitation. They have touched and worked on every system of the house so far. There is a different type of intimacy gained when owners tear out and rebuild a home- the years of previous owner’s decisions revealed themselves like untold stories. Layers of labor and materials are discovered and then erased with new aesthetics.

4529 Homer St. is in constant flux; home repair projects have been planned out for the next ten years. What does it mean to live in this dwelling? How do the everyday tasks required by life correlate with the maintenance of a 106-year-old house? Within these contexts, what does it mean to live with art? The domestic pace is both immediate (i.e. our diurnal habits), and extremely slow (time is measured by years). Simultaneously, the production of a work is slow in the artists’ studio; yet, the viewer spends mere moments with it once it enters the white cube. And once the piece is sold, it has another long moment: either finding itself in a storage unit or in a domestic dwelling.

The Homer Project is a space where some of these issues of viewing and being can be considered. With no designated exhibition space, artists are free to use any part of the property. Exhibitions will be on view for a series of months in order to slow the pacing of seeing. Notes on the work accompany the opening, and throughout the duration of the exhibition a piece of writing will be produced whilst living with the piece and through conversations with each artist.

The Homer Project is directed by Lucia Fabio. The property is shared with her husband, R. Andrew Mueller and together they collaborate and work on all things domestic. They are joined by their three cats and occasional neighbor cat. 4529 Homer St. is a Mills Act Historical Property.